Bookings that seamlessly sync with your walk-ins

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Manage everyone’s time or let your guests pick the best time for themselves with HauntQue synchronize bookings and waitlists.

Manage customer bookings like a pro

HauntQue makes it easy to take appointments from anywhere.

Schedule online or on-premise
Let your guests signup from anywhere and choose which time slots are right for them.

Take ownership of your scheduling experience
Set your working hours, minimum notice times, maximum number of appointments per time and much more to create your dream booking experience.

Sync all of your appointments with your waitlist

HauntQue keeps your bookings and your waitlist in harmony.

Merge bookings
Add your appointments to your Waitlist before the scheduled time.

Fair for everyone
By adding bookings to your waitlist before their scheduled, HauntQue keeps the waiting process fair for everyone.

Remind guests when it’s their turn

HauntQue will make sure that your guests show up on time.

Remind via SMS and email
Choose when to remind your guests and what to tell them to bring with our custom SMS text and email.

Give guests control to make changes
Guests can reschedule or cancel themselves without bothering your team.