Messaging that keeps your guests in the know

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Let guests wait from anywhere and keep them informed with automated SMS, Voice Email or Slack messages.

Keep your guests informed

HauntQue makes it easy to communicate with your guests automatically via multiple channels.

Automatic confirmation message
Guests receive an SMS or email with details about their visit and a link to track their place in line

Reminders and updates
HauntQue automatically reminds guests about their upcoming visit or if their wait time has changed.

Call your guests back with a tap
Just push a button to send a text or automated call when it’s their turn.

Guests can update their status with a text

HauntQue lets the guests simply reply to your messages to automatically update their status.

Two-way messaging
Guests can respond to any of your messages and you’ll see their response directly in your dashboard to answer them.

Cancel or reschedule
Guests can just reply “cancel” to leave the line or change when they’ll arrive.

Join waitlist with a text
Guests can join your waitlist or make a booking by just sending a text message with their name. It doesn’t get easier.

Thank guests for visiting

When the visit is over, your guest is thanked and asked to rate their experience.

Auto-message them when visit is over
Send a personalized thank you message to make your guests feel appreciated.

Get feedback
Gather feedback automatically and use it to improve your guest experience

Avoid bad review
Catch unhappy guests - before they give you a bad review online!.