Employee and Actor Management

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HauntQue gives you incredible opportunity to manage your employees with ease

Manage your Employees

See every point of your employee experience with a simple click.

Know all the details about every Employee
HauntQue stores your employee information for easy reference just like a mini CRM.

See everything about every shift
Know how your employees performed, check nightly manager reports, damaged lists, and much more!

Scheduling your Staff and Actors

HauntQue makes it easy to schedule your employees from anywhere.

Schedule online
Let your Actors signup from anywhere and choose which dates they are able to attend.

Take ownership of your scheduling experience
Set your working hours, minimum notice times, maximum number of actors needed and much more to create your dream scheduling experience.

Messaging Employees

HauntQue lets you communicate with your staff and reply to your messages to automatically update their status.

Two-way messaging
Staff can respond to any of your messages and you’ll see their response directly in your dashboard to answer them.

Cancel or reschedule
Staff can just reply “cancel” to inform you they cannot make it.