A new kind of Waitlist

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HauntQue is the world’s most intelligent waitlist.

Manage your line from anywhere

HauntQue makes it easy to manage your line and know who to serve next.

Quickly sign up guests
Let guests sign themselves up online, text message, via a kiosk, or have your host sign them up. Whatever you prefer.

Guest insights at a glance
See how long each guest has waited, what service they’re waiting for, and how many times they’ve visited before.

Call up and serve
With a click you can send a text or email alert to the guest, then serve them when they return.

Track your wait time in real-time

Waitwhile will help you track and reduce your wait times, automatically.

Intelligent wait estimation
Your estimated wait is updated in real time and is based on your business to make it super accurate for your guests.

Gets better over time
The system learns about your unique operations and gets better every time you serve a guest.

See wait by staff and service
With a click, see wait times broken down by your staff members or services to provide your customers with more accurate estimates.

Organize your waitlist

HauntQue lets you sort, filter and organize your waitlist just the way you like it.

Prioritize important guests
Set rules to automatically prioritize certain kinds of guests to fit your business.

Move guests around
Easily change the order of the guests based on who you would like to serve next.

Sort and filter your list view
Show only guests that are waiting for a particular service or staff member.