Let guests join your waitlist on a Kiosk

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Waitwhile lets your guests check themselves in and view your wait times on any device.

Say goodbye to paper sign-in sheets

Waitwhile’s smart Check-in Kiosk makes the check-in process more efficient.

Let your guests sign themselves up
Give guests the power to instantly join your queue on a kiosk or online - and save time for your staff.

Control the flow
Easily adjust when guests can join your line and set up automated rules to control the flow.

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Whether it’s on a TV monitor or online, we make it easy for your guests to follow their wait status.

Display your waitlist on the big screen
Show a customizable public waitlist on any TV monitor or internet-powered device.

Embed it on your website
Show your web visitors your waitlist directly on your site or share it on your Facebook page.

Real-time updates

You’ll never have to tell your guests how long it’s going to be again.

Personalized wait times
Send your guests a personal waiting link where they can check their wait time anytime and anywhere.

Automatic updates throughout the waiting process
Send text messages or emails before, during, and after the waiting process keeping your guests updated with where they are on the waiting list.